Bob Book

Conceived, written and recorded as a contemplative or soaking project. This album was designed to be experienced as a whole and creates an excellent sound track for personal devotion or quiet times with God.

Rest is a critical ingredient of life. Yet, so often, it is a missing or under experienced ingredient in our lives. The writer of the letter to the Hebrews, speaking about the rest God offers us, wrote that we should, “...make every effort to enter that rest...” (Hebrews 4:11 NIV) In the busy lives we lead, it takes effort and diligence to find rest. This album, was conceived, written and recorded as a tool to help us experience rest.

The songs and music here are designed to create an atmosphere for resting in God’s presence, considering his character and nature and being present to him - as he is always present to us. This type of rest is not an emptying of one’s self. Rather, it is a breathing in of the breath God breathes on us, being filled with the divine life and empowered to be our truest selves.

The tracks range from simple vocal and guitar settings (Keep Me Singing), through light acoustic/vocal band (the middle section of Endless Praise Suite), to much more orchestral and even choral arrangements (Dwelling Place - originally released as the title track of a two song download only project). They move from music only (Along The Shoreline), through simple repetitive lyrics that create space to think deeply about one simple truth (You Encompass Me), to more fully developed themes and images (Can’t Find The End). The lead off song (Breathe Deep) captures the theme of the life giving breath of God, in a song written as God singing to us - a prophetic song.

I encourage you to set aside some time and make a space where you can allow the sound of this album to help you experience the peace, joy, energy and love that are always present when we open our senses and connect through our spirit, with the Holy Spirit. This is what we are designed to experience...regularly...and its how we were made to live.

Enjoy the REST!

-Bob Book
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