Skydor (Storyteller Edition)

by Bob Book

Released 2012
Bob Book Music
Released 2012
Bob Book Music
SkyDor - an epic tale in story and song. This long awaited Storyteller Edition, features Bob telling the story, along with the fully produced recordings of the songs.
SkyDor is an original short story and song cycle, written and performed by Bob Book. Originally released as a Booklet/CD package, this Storyteller Edition, records Bob telling the story with the song recordings. The story is focused on a fantastic, otherworldly encounter experienced by William (a fictional ancestor of Bob's) who was a Crusader Knight of the 12th Century. The songs draw from musical influences as diverse as Eden's Bridge, Moody Blues and Yes to Larry Norman, John Mellencamp and the Band. The overall sound of this unique project has an epic quality that supports the subject matter of the story. Story influences include J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Stephen R. Lawhead.

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