A Divine Conversation

by Bob Book

Released 2013
Bob Book Music
Released 2013
Bob Book Music
Acoustic / Americana worship.
One of the ways we can think about and experience worship is as a conversation. We are actually responding to what God has initiated when we express our thoughts and feelings to him. Scripture tells us that he speaks to us, he sings to us and even dances over us. We were made for this interaction with God - this Divine Conversation.

These songs come from my conversation with God. Some of the songs are new. Some of them are new recordings of songs that have been a part of the conversation for a decade, or even longer. Some of them are prophetic songs that record what God sings to each of us. Some of them mark significant milestones in my own journey and experience of God. As you listen, let them inform, inspire and deepen your own Divine Conversation! - Bob Book

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