Interested in inviting Bob to your group, church or event?  Here's what Bob is offering:


Corporate Worship Sessions - Drawing from familiar worship songs and powerful original compositions, Bob’s leadership focuses on drawing gatherings of people into a Revelation 5 - one heart, one voice - engagement with God, who is always present and seeking to engage us.  


Songs are written and chosen to reflect and reinforce the mindsets of New Covenant Kingdom culture (based on habitation, rather than visitation) opened to us by the finished work of the cross.  This thematic and atmospheric agreement with the perspective of heaven, creates irresistible opportunities for, “...on earth as it is in heaven,” worship encounters.


Sacred Space Sessions - In the spirit of David’s Tabernacle, these sessions provide a time, place and atmosphere to focus solely on being present to God, as he is present to us.  Hosting him, like an honored guest or family member, by laying everything else aside to focus on the atmosphere and interaction that he desires to share with us.


Much like David’s Levites Musicians may have done, Bob (and friends, when feasible) simply minister directly to God - honoring and celebrating his presence, expressing praise, thanks and adoration, through music.  


Participants in these sessions soak in the atmosphere, enjoy his presence, hear and respond to his voice - all in a totally vertical environment, with no platform driven direction.  Individuals are free to engage with God in any way they desire, always avoiding anything that would encroach on the ability of participants around them, to enjoy the same freedom.  


Excerpts from a Divine Conversation - These concerts of original spiritual songs, prayers and prophetic songs, feature more of Bob’s singer/songwriter gifting and focus on creating an atmosphere that draws audiences into an intimate experience of Bob’s own ongoing conversation with God.  This experience provides inspiration and revelation to fuel the unique Divine Conversation, God is pursuing with each of us - no matter where we may be in the process of that conversation.


Featuring a number of his songs not often heard in corporate worship settings, Bob paints a musical picture of God’s incredible character and nature, heaven’s perspective of who we are, and the overwhelming intensity of God’s affection for us.  These concerts are engaging, affirming, stirring and thought provoking - challenging us to upgrade our perspective, to match the perspective of heaven.


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